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Some people say the invitation sets the tone of a wedding, special birthday or event,
but the first impression is the envelope that invitation comes in. 

It will impress your guests and be a memorable keepsake for years to come.  

Let Joy Bank's calligraphy set the tone with elegance!

In a day where people email, evite and in general, send mail less often, the significance of actual mail, yes snail mail becomes more important.  It is still so exciting to receive an invitation written in beautifully hand-penned calligraphy.  This is something that computer calligraphy cannot replicate no matter how good our technology is today.  Only hand-penned calligraphy has that unique, personalized, and special quality that carries no comparison.  

We have all received that invitation from the host who's friend "claimed "she did calligraphy and yet the effect left something to be desired.  I believe that good quality calligraphy should be affordable so everyone can enjoy it. Striving to meet or exceed your expectations is my goal.   The one-on-one service and the relationship you form with a true calligrapher are so important in planning your special day.  Each piece of calligraphy is hand lettered with high-quality inks using the dip pen method.   Joy Bank specializes in envelope addressing, table cards, place cards, certificate fill-ins, and more.

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